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What was the occupation of Otto Klemperer?

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What was the occupation of Otto Klemperer?
posted May 26 by Nimish

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1 Answer

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He conducted major orchestras in Germany from 1910 to 1931. In 1933 the Nazi Party were in power and Klemperer, a Jew, moved to the USA to work with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. After World War II he returned to Europe to work at the Budapest Opera and as guest conductor for the Royal Danish Orchestra, Montreal Symphony Orchestra, WDR Orchestra Köln, Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Philharmonia of London and the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden. His son, Werner Klemperer played Colonel Klink on the US TV show Hogan's Heroes. He retired from conducting in 1971, and died in 1973 aged 88.

answer May 27 by Mridul
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