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Should i be paying medical reimbursment for our 2 adult kids?

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I was originally taken to court because my ex clamined I didnt have insurance for our kids. I proved her wrong on that, I had in fact had it for over 6 years, she even used it and had cards mailed to her. But she only used it one time, ironinically it was right before she took me to court for not having it. After she lost that she turned to the child support lady and said "well I thought you said hed be the one paying these bills?" (Seems a bit biased if you ask me). A week later I was served papers for medical reimbersment. Now i wouldn't mind paying my kids medical costs, but heres where I'm not okay. One, I never received one bill in 6 years and then its okay for her to lay 6 years of past due medical bills at my feet and say pay up? Two, the bills im looking at are ridiculous. She had my kids neither over the age of 10, going to a chiropractor. Im no doctor but unless they were in a dramatic accident I see no reason for a growing body to be adjusted. Three, some of the other bills such as a year and a half of counseling for my son (another one I was never once confronted about and had no clue) when my insurance covers allnof that, along with a few other things on there. There are things like football camp, just things that dont even fit under the reimbersement guidelines. Four, I'm from california, I dont know everything but ive done some research and from what ive read she had 30 days to hand me a bill, at the court date they had a stack of every bill, i also received a copy but i got it when they did, the date at the bottom of the printed pages is from the same month she filed, well at least the ones she forgot to reprint or white out so the judge wouldn't see, plus my son told me he had to drive her around all day collecting copies of doctor bills. Child support never mailed me anything nor did she in 6 years. Another thing I read about is that in California a person must use court ordered insurance unless they can prove they had a better option. She never used mine. She used here but not mine as a secondary. And I think mine is better then hers or at one point it was, i know the prescription costs would have all been lower then what she paid if she would have used mine. But like I was saying i read that if they dont use court ordered insurance then its automatically out of their pocket.
To sum it up ive paid all my child support my kids are grown amd my daughter turned 18 this past july, thats when she filed all these court papers. So maybe she knew she wouldnt be getting checks from me and came up with a way, idk, but the fact that the judge and child support allowed all of this is beyond me. I honestly think its because my ex is a teacher so she works in the office of education right along side with the chld support workers and i think they are closer net then they should be when it comes to our case. I don't think the judge even looked at my motion to reply in court, there was no argument basically here you go. And now I'm paying money out of every check still and worse thing is its going straight into her pocket. Most the bills are already paid off. Guess thats easy to do when you have 6 years to make payments. So the money is literally going into her pocket for only her our kids are grown. Please someone with knowledge give me answers give me advice give me something child support has me walking in circles when i ask them anything. Also is there an agency or something that I can send my case information to that will do a full receives before my case closes. I just need someone thats non bias. I asked the agency they printed out papers and said here you go. And one last thing. I know most will say get a lawyer. I wish it were that easy. She has taken so much from me she gets my only extra money each check. And i have gotten lawyers and honestly I guess i just lost hope. This is a diffrent situation and i have heard of pro bono lawyers but it seems everything is harded to find here in northern Cali. I'll stop writing now cause I could really go on for hours. Maybe i should lay for myself some counseling lol. Hope to hear some helpful feedback, thank you for taking time to read my son story! Have a great day

posted Jan 26, 2020 by anonymous

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