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Iban Wallet – A Revolution in the Investment Game

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If you are tired of abysmal returns on your present savings account, chances are you might be thinking of looking for alternative investment options. The world of investment is rife with multiple easy-to-use digital investment options. It allows beginner investors to test the waters and have it their way. These apps have a low entry barrier and people can invest as low as $1.

For the most part, people often fear the aspect of complicated fees, investment jargon and charges, but some of these new apps make things too simplistic. As is the case, be it a veteran investor or just a beginner, everyone wants a good deal on their investment. The buy low and sell high principle is applied in different capacities.

There are platforms, which do not charge commissions and fees from their customers. In this piece, we will examine one such investment portal that offers fare benefits to its users. A few investment platforms allow investment for free, but not all such portals are created equal.

One of these platforms we are analyzing is Iban Wallet.


A Primer on Iban Wallet

It excels in giving high returns to investors. There are different varieties of accounts, which offers varied liquidity levels to the customers. It ranges from fully liquid to frozen funds for a span of 1 year. The investment platform supports Euros, USD and MXN as of yet and customers can deposit in these three currencies regarding the locations they have already launched.

The holders of Iban Wallet do not pay fees. All the customers have to do is select an investment account type and deposit an amount in it. They will receive interests into their accounts directly on a daily basis.


Better than Conventional Banks

The government of the country backs money in a bank. However, in the case of the Iban Wallet accounts, the money is actually secured against a property. As a result, the threat of losing the investment is significantly reduced. The interest rates are a projected fixed rate for the customers, depending on the account type they choose, ranging from 2.5% to 6%.

The Facility of Loans

As of yet, Iban Wallet offers secured personal loans, which are property-backed. This minimizes the risk and is recoverable in the event of a default. The firm ensures the investment is in the name of the investor, this means the user doesn't have to worry about where their money is placed because there is a professional team doing that work for them. This definitely makes it easy for starter investors.

A Shift Away from Banks

With these platforms making inroads in the investment niche, there is a trend among the customers to move away from the traditional banks. Since these platforms focus more on user experience, usage of mobile platform and internet, the customers are inclined to use these lucrative and simpler methods in comparison.


Final Word

Iban Wallet is an ideal platform for both experienced and beginner investors. The investment return is fairly generous while the portal requires little to no involvement of the investors. It is a good option for the customers to try new alternatives from the banks and make the most of their investment.

posted Dec 2, 2019 by Rahul Vaidya

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