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How to Choose the Best Truck Security Camera Systems

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It is not easy to manage your fleet without having a camera when your trucks are on their daily routine with the drivers. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can install a security camera system on your vehicles to monitor their activities, which improves your business. You should consider the following features before choosing which type of security camera suits your truck’s needs.

The camera’s video quality

A high-definition camera can capture images with clarity and allows zooming to get the fine details of an image. This helps the truck owner present evidence from video footage in case of disputes. A high definition video can capture more detail such as the number plate of the cars behind or in front of your car and people and objects around your car with clarity.

Night vision

Having a security camera that has night vision features increases the quality of any images captured during low-light conditions. Most cameras feature LEDs that activate during low- light to illuminate the surroundings of the car with infra-red (IR) light. You can check this site for cameras that feature an IR filter to give clearer videos during the night.


G-shock sensors measure the motion of your car through 3 axis which enables painting the picture of events that took place during an incident. The sensors trigger your security camera to respond according to your car’s motion and automatically lock and secure the video footage.

Loop recording

Loop recording allows your camera to continue recording even when the memory is full by recording over the oldest files. This prevents clogging up the memory of the security camera with uneventful video clips. The camera uses the internal G-sensors in the case of an incident to automatically lock that video file, so the loop recording mechanism will not overwrite it.

Parking protection

This feature protects the vehicle even when the owner is away from their car. Parking protection mode activates whenever they detect that the vehicle engine has been turned off or the vehicle is stationary for a while. Parking mode protects your vehicle from collisions with other vehicles and also scares away intruders who try to steal your vehicle. To save on memory and power utilization, parking mode records footage only when it detects the motion of a pedestrian or any other vehicle within its field.

Software and apps

You should choose software that allows you to view all of your files together with additional details that have been captured by the camera. It should also show the map of the area your vehicle was in when the video was captured. The software should also support mobile phones, iPhone, and Android handsets to view the recording for easy accessibility of the footage.

Dual lenses

These cameras give you both front and rear-facing views to capture what is happening on the road ahead and also inside of the vehicle. This feature allows fleet managers to monitor the driver’s behavior.


High-resolution security cameras enhance your safety by capturing clear footage that can provide you with a piece of concrete evidence. Choose cameras with 1080p, 1440p, or 6mp resolutions to clearly interpret images.

posted Nov 5, 2019 by Rahul Vaidya

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