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THIS SKIT WAS VERY FUNNY AND it was most likely from the mid 70's to early 80's.

In this skit, I believe there was a vampire in a coffin, asleep. There are French policeman, or possibly Army officers, or more than likely men dressed in French Foreign Legion uniforms. One of the officers in a French accent said this line: Le Hammer La Mallet, Le Knock Knock Knock, and demonstrating how to drive the Mallet ( A stake) into the Vampire. Another officer repeated in a French accent Le Hammer La Mallet, Le Knock Knock Knock?, and the first officer repeated the phrase again. There was a man, who one of the officers gave the mallet to and all he could say was 'NO!" with a French accent. and i think he repeated NO! again. He was then placed in the area with the coffin. I have a feeling it was a skit on The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour or possibly on one of their own shows, after they split up, because I viewed a similar skit on line that I believe was on Cher's own show.

In this other skit I viewed on line, there were French officers, one being played by Ken Berry. There was a old black covered wagon in the background, and the Boxer George Foreman was sitting in a chair in front of it. This skit also included French officers speaking in French accents, using the word Le such as Le Prize Fighter, Le Gloves, and etc. Then they had a man, who looked like a bum, and told him he would be fighting Le Prize Fighter, and he said in a French Accent the word No! shaking his head from side to side.

The French accents and the repeating of using Le in front of the other words and the man saying the word NO! in the same fashion as it was said the skit I remember about the Vampire, makes me believe it was a skit on The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour., or one of their own individual shows.

i would love to find a copy of this skit, because it was hilarious.

any help would be greatly appreciated

posted Oct 1, 2019 by Sandra Akin

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