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There Is no Life without Water

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A natural resource like water is well-known to any individual. Most people have access to it and can enjoy all the benefits of water, though some parts of our planet have a shortage of water, which has a negative impact on the level of life in the corresponding communities.

There are many discussions about the usefulness of water. Probably everyone has heard about the daily consumption of water. Some studies even make a list of recommendations for proper water consumption. However, why people consider it that vital? Why is water that important? What are the benefits of consuming water? If you ever stayed a whole sunny day outside, then you have surely been thirsty. A couple glasses of water can easily quench any thirst. Besides, proper use of water may help to clean the organism or even remove the effects of fatigue. Women love water for its great impact on the skin. It is impossible to underestimate the significance of water, as the human body is known to be composed of water, namely around 70% of body mass is water.

The human body is prone to lose water in a number of ways. So what are some of those ways? The water may escape from a human body via perspiration, respiration and bowel movement. This fact is known to anyone who exercises regularly.  A typical example of it is sweating while cardio activity.

It is a false idea to think that water is vital for humans and animals only. Plants cannot exist without water as well. You must be aware that plants are responsible for generating oxygen. Therefore, the lack of water to feed plants means there will be a lack of oxygen for people. 

There is another important aspect of water that we omit or pay too little attention to. It is the revitalizing function of water. It is the second largest benefit of water. The human body has a high level of water in it in one form or another. Therefore, people use water on a regular basis to revitalize their dry skin.

Some of the other revitalizing effects include its ability to combat human aging. People from big cities are well aware of what stress is and how it can affect the human body. Therefore, they try to combat it by getting involved in various activities, including sports. If you have played games or even tried to do some running in the morning, then you have run across dehydration, which is the process of losing water. Failure to restore the proper water level may lead to problems with health or in most severe cases it can even cause death.

Water is a great source of microelements that may be used for detoxification of a human body. There is no use for looking for something that powerful as water. Besides, the price of water makes it the cheapest detoxification agent as well. 

Water is a vital part of human life. A person can live for days without any food. Unlike food, if deprived of water, the person will not last long. Water is the element that helps us stay alive as well as it provides us with numerous other advantages. It is crucial to protect water resources for the sake of the whole mankind.

posted Sep 13, 2019 by Jeff Burke

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