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Windows XP Computer problem

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I have a 17 year old XP laptop I've been using recently. I have had no problem with it until Early Sunday morning, when XP Windows would not launch.

When I cut it on it went into the safe mode and or start your computer normally mode screen. I first hit the start your computer normally key but it didn't work. It keeps going back to the same safe mode etc screen. It will put the Compaq screen up then and then the Windows XP screen, then go back to the safe mode etc screen and keeps doing this non stop.

I have taken the battery out and restarted it tried to hit F-10 button and the escape button to no avail.

I am very aware I will need to get a new laptop. But I have quit a few MS Word Word documents that so we can I have worked on I would like to retrieve from this lap top before I get a new lap top.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Sandra

posted Aug 26, 2019 by anonymous

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