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In the "Ashta Pradhan", the administrative advisory council set up by Chhatrapati Shivaji, the 'amatya' or..............

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In the "Ashta Pradhan", the administrative advisory council set up by Chhatrapati Shivaji, the 'amatya' or "mazumdar' was in charge of which department?

posted Aug 23 by Sandeep Bedi
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1 Answer

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The Ashta Pradhan was designed to encompass all the primary administrative functions of the state, with each minister being given charge of one role in the administration. Ministerial designations were drawn from the Sanskrit language; the eight ministerial roles were as follows:

Pantpradhan or Peshwa - Prime Minister, general administration of the Empire. Moropant Trimbak Pingle was the first Peshwa appointed by Shivaji.
Amatya or Mazumdar - Finance Minister, managing accounts of the Empire.[1]In 1662 Nilo Sondeo was appointed as Mazumdar. In 1674, at the Coronation ceremony, the post Mujumdar was renamed as Amatya and the title was solely bestowed Ramchandra Pant Amatya.
Shurunavis/Sacheev - Secretary, preparing royal http://edicts.In 1662 Annaji Datto was appointed as Shurnavis/Sacheev.
Waqia-Navis - Interior Minister, managing internal affairs especially intelligence and espionage.
Sar-i-Naubat or Senapati - Commander-in-Chief, managing the forces and defense of the Empire. Hambirao Mohite was appointed as Senapati.

answer Aug 29 by Deepika Jain

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