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Info about ballistics, gun types and calibers

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I need help with ballistics, gun types and calibers.

I am writing a mystery story where a businesswoman is murdered in the parking lot of the building where her office is located.

So, I need the culprit to use a handgun that is quiet enough so the woman's client who just left the parking lot as well as the security guard will not be able to hear the gun go off.
I will also need to know if the bullet will stay inside the body or go straight through. And if it does go straight through if it will have enough force to enbed it's self in the concrete of the parking lot..

I also need to know if the weapon will make a large wound where it goes into the body, and what kind of exit would it will make if it does go straight through. I will need the entrance wound to produce at least a small amount of blood so when the security guard finds the body he will be able to assertain a crime was committed .

My help will be greatly appreciated.

posted Aug 10, 2019 by anonymous

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