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Bending light.

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We've all been told that only a black hole can bend light. My friend proved that statement wrong right in front of my face. Can you guess what he did to bend light?

posted Aug 6, 2019 by Comeback Tuesday

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1 Answer

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Blackholes are one of the heaviest mass on our universe. They are so heavy that it has a gravitational impact on the photons (light photons) and any light passes from its range get effected with its massive gravitational force.

answer Aug 6, 2019 by Salil Agrawal
But how else can you bend a beam of light here on earth?
Maybe refraction, refraction means light waves bend as they pass from one substance to another.
Ill tell you. You know the clear curtain rod on the curtains that you push to open the curtains? It's like a clear plastic twisty thing? My friend in the dark put a flashlight turned on at the end of the twisty thing and then he bent it down to shaped like a u and the beam of light didn't go straight like a line it follows the plastic twisty thing around like a you also and it should have shot through the middle of the rod making a straight line with a flashlight but he bent light and I was really amazed. I hope you know what kind of Rod I'm talking about for a curtains. Peace
No idea what your friend could have used...
there can be many tricks because of which refraction can happen one such case could be different temperature layer in the rod which makes it have different air density within it.
Oh ok. Thanks