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Roomba 960 vs 980: Which one is better for you?

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Many people have already appreciated the benefits and convenience of robotic vacuum cleaners. These are miniature high-tech helpers who will thoroughly and carefully clean the floor and various floorings from dirt and dust in any home. The main advantage of vacuum robots is that they relieve their owners from the duty of cleaning the floor in the house. At the same time, they are equally good at dealing with different types of carpets, linoleum, laminate, tile, and many others. The equipment doesn`t leave any traces of its work; it can be trusted with even expensive floor covering or an elite carpet. Even the most resistant stains, dust, hair, and litter will be removed. The robot vacuum cleaner doesn`t require additional programming or control. It chooses the optimal route, and if an obstacle arises on the way, the device carefully passes it and continues its work. The equipment takes up little space and works without connecting to the mains. Battery charging lasts for several hours, after which the robot returns to the platform for recharging. We think that after all the conveniences described above, you also wanted to buy a robot vacuum cleaner. In that case, let us show you Roomba, one of the market leaders. From the wide range of models, we offer you the two most optimal robots in terms of price and quality - the 960 and 980. Let's take a look at the pros and cons and decide together which one is better.


Roomba 960

This model is the fourth development of the iRobot company and compares favorably with previous models with the quality of cleaning and navigation. Due to this, it remains one of the best in its price segment. iRobot Roomba 960 is a vacuum cleaner that performs dry floor cleaning. It has a stylish and elegant appearance. The height of the robot is 3.6 inches, which is quite enough for free under furniture cleaning. Thanks to its round shape, it can penetrate various places, thereby cleaning a bigger surface area. The bumper slopes at the edges reduce the chances that the unit will get stuck between obstacles or under furniture. The bumper is also protected by a special film, which softens the blows and the touches from the obstacles. In its turn, the lower part of the bumper is treated with a special rubber that protects furniture from damage, too. 

The vacuum cleaner navigates in space, detects pollution, and locates its charging station with the help of sensors located under the front panel. The device also includes a side brush, a rotating roller, silicone rollers, and the garbage bin. All of these devices provide capture and garbage collection. Brushes are presented in the form of silicone rollers-scrapers, which reliably collect litter and prevent hair, threads, or pet fur winding. The garbage is picked up by brushes and sent to the waste bin. 

The robot has a Li-ion battery with the capacity of 2130 mAh, which gives you up to 80 minutes of running with further three hours of charging time.   

A distinctive feature of the device from the old models is its control system via a mobile application. It`s one of the first models that gave users the remote control. Thanks to this app, you can start and stop the cleaning process, configure the robot to work on a schedule, determine its location, as well as find out the current state of the machine. Besides, this app can report that it`s time to change certain consumables.

However, there is another way to control the vacuum cleaner. The engineers added a so-called virtual wall to the Roomba 960 kit. It looks like a restrictive strip, which is installed on the floor in a certain place. With the help of such a unique device, you can protect the area where cleaning is not desirable for you.

In the most complicated places, the 960 uses the AeroForce system. That means that the cleaner can increase suction power several times. And during the vacuuming, the robot keeps all the dirt inside the bin and runs the air through the HEPA-Style filter that can catch dust particles and allergens as small as 1 micron.  

So, among the characteristics we have considered, we`d like to mention the following advantages:

  • small dimensions and bumper protection 

  • good navigation

  • wide brush set and easy maintenance

  • control via a smartphone app and Wi-fi

  • availability of cleaning on schedule

  • one virtual wall

  • highly efficient HEPA-Style filter

  • three-stage AeroForce cleaning system


Among the disadvantages we highlight:

  • short battery life

  • lack of wet cleaning

  • no Carpet Boost system


Roomba 980  

The robot vacuum cleaner Roomba 980 is a later model in comparison with the Roomba 960, it also performs dry cleaning of rooms, but has some number of additions. However, in terms of design and configuration, it`s not much different from its predecessor. The robot has the same classic round shape with a protective bumper above. The lower part of the bumper is edged with a rubber “skirt” protecting the furniture from scratches. The height of the model is also an optimal 3.6 inches, which guarantee free movement. On the front, there is a camera with which the robot vacuum cleaner Roomba 980 scans and remembers the room. At the bottom of the vacuum cleaner are a roller on a rotating platform and wheels, a side brush for collecting debris, a compartment with main rollers-brushes and a detachable dust collector. The cleaner also has two rubber rollers, which qualitatively clean both a smooth surface and a carpet, without winding up hair and fur. Brushes and rollers pick up dirt and direct it to the dust bin compartment. Along the perimeter of the robot bottom, we see six height difference sensors.

This model is equipped with a more powerful 3300 mAh Li-ion battery, which gives an additional 40 minutes of work compared to model 960. The vacuum cleaner can do its job for 120 minutes and resumes charge at the station for three hours. 

The device also has a built-in WI-FI module, thanks to which the robot can be controlled via a smartphone (Android or iOS) through the app. The application allows you to adjust the optimal time of work, the mode of the cleaning, and the schedule. In addition, you can check the location of the robot and the battery charge.

The kit also includes virtual walls that limit the movement of the device. But if the model 960 had only one wall, the 980 can display two virtual stops. This allows you to divide the territory into zones for cleaning more accurately.

The advantage of the Roomba 980 robot vacuum cleaner is in its ability to clean up not only on a smooth surface but also on a carpet. This process goes better due to the modern technology called Carpet Boost. This function switches on when the device moves to the carpet. At the same time, the suction power of the robot vacuum cleaner increases. Also, the best result is achieved due to the AeroForce suction system. As in the previous model, the 980 has a HEPA filter that fights dirt at the microscopic level.


So, unconditional advantages of the Roomba 980 vacuum cleaner are:

  • compact size

  • good navigation

  • control through the application

  • two vertical walls

  • HEPA-Style filter

  • three-step AeroForce system 

  • Carpet Boost system

  • powerful battery


Disadvantages are as follows:

  • no wet cleaning

  • higher price in comparison with the Roomba 960

  • users complain about high noise during operation


During our review, we concluded that Roomba 960 and Roomba 980 robots are almost identical to each other, but the latter model still has several advantages. It copes better with carpet cleaning, has wider equipment (two virtual walls instead of one), greater runtime. But please mind that the price for this device is also higher. Therefore, if you are not limited to the budget, we recommend that you spend a little more and buy model 980. However, if you don`t want or can`t go beyond a certain amount, you can safely buy Roomba 960, which, although being inferior, still won`t disappoint you.

posted Jun 28, 2019 by Bredpalmer

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Let's take a look at 10 life lessons from the Ramayana that will help you lead a better life:

1. Victory of truth over evil

The first and the foremost teaching or message of this great epic is Good always wins over evil. The way Goddess Sita is lured by evil and finally Lord Rama wins her back by defeating wicked Ravana, the moral of the story is, it doesn’t matter how mighty or maleficent the evil is but noble values and good intentions will always win over it.

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One of the most important teachings that come through is unity in diversity. Dashratha has three wives and four sons, all of them loved each other immensely and when life put them through tough times, their hearts were united even when they were apart physically. You should always stand by your family because when together a family can win over any difficulty. The fruits of togetherness give the power to sail the ship when the tide seems higher than the sky.

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Dashrath had granted Kaikeyi two boons when she had saved his life on the battlefield. The day before Dashrath was to retire and crown his eldest son Rama as king, Kaikeyi demanded that Dashrath grant her the boons she desired as promised. Her first desire was that Rama should be exiled to the forest for fourteen years, and the second, that her son, Bharat, be crowned King in his stead. Dashrath was naturally heartbroken at the prospect of having to send his son into exile for fourteen years, but for this noble hearted clan, honouring one’s word is the highest duty. Even when Dashrath began to falter at the prospect of actually following through on his promises due to his love for his first born and pleaded with Rama not to leave, Rama reminded his father of the value of a promise given and left Ayodhya to keep his father’s word. When Bharat begged Rama to return to Ayodhya, Rama once again reminded Bharat that he could not and would not dishonour his father by breaking the promise he had made to Kaikeyi.

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Ravana’s abduction of Goddess Sita leads to his downfall, although he was also a well versed and a knowledgeable man. This shows us that in the fire of revenge we often burn our own house rather than bringing much harm to the other party. When Ravana goes to teach Lord Rama a lesson as Laxmana had insulted Supnakha (Ravana’s sister) then Ravana falls into his own trap of anger, treachery and vengeance. Therefore, we should always maintain an attitude of forgiveness rather than giving into the ills like revenge, ego and anger.

10. Love and compassion

Lastly but most important Lord Rama is an epitome of love, compassion and positivity and if we human beings try to embody even 10% of Lord Rama in our daily lives, we can expect to emerge as a true human being with a happy and satiated life. His peaceful and kind ways to complete surrender to his duties as a son, a husband, a brother and a king, Ramayana outlays the importance of human values and mutual love and respect.


Some people have trouble falling asleep. Others can’t stay asleep. And then there are the people who have trouble turning life “off” and tucking into bed at a reasonable hour.
Whatever the reason, we’re not alone—more than 50 million Americans don’t get enough shut-eye. Yet the health benefits of a good night’s rest are countless: sleep helps keep you happy, your brain sharp, your immune system strong, your waistline trim, your skin looking youthful—and lowers your risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

Let's take a look at 10 foods that can help you sleep better:

1. Cherries

Grab some fresh cherries or a glass of cherry juice before bed, and you can start catching Zs in no time. Researchers have found drinking tart cherry juice right before bed helps you fall asleep. Some studies suggest it is more effective than taking melatonin supplements.

2. Milk

A glass of warm milk before bed has long been thought of as the ultimate sleep remedy. Since calcium promotes relaxation and has a calming effect on the body’s nervous system, try drinking milk or a non-dairy milk substitute that’s calcium-fortified before you start your nighttime routine.

3. Fish

Most fish—and especially salmon, halibut and tuna—boast vitamin B6, which is needed to make melatonin (a sleep-inducing hormone triggered by darkness), according to an article published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Everyday Health recommends a 3-ounce serving of fish at least two times per week to aid in restful sleep.

4. Jasmine rice

When healthy sleepers ate carbohydrate-rich suppers of veggies and tomato sauce over rice, they fell asleep significantly faster at bedtime if the meal included high-glycemic-index (GI) jasmine rice rather than lower-GI long-grain rice, in a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. While the authors aren’t sure how it happened, they speculated that the greater amounts of insulin triggered by the high-GI meals increased the ratio of sleep-inducing tryptophan relative to other amino acids in the blood, allowing proportionately more to get into the brain.

5. Bananas

The magnesium and potassium in bananas serve as muscle and nerve relaxants. Dudash says that the vitamin B6 found in the fruit also converts tryptophan into serotonin, increasing relaxation even more.

6. Oysters

Oysters contain a sleep-inducing mixture of zinc, iron, magnesium, and vitamin B11. According to Livestrong, oysters are the best food source of magnesium and zinc. A 3-ounce portion of cooked oysters provides 19% of the daily recommended amount of magnesium and well over 1,000% of your RDA of zinc.

7. Herbal tea

No surprise here, but herbal tea has tons of snooze-promoting properties. "Chamomile tea is excellent for calming nerves before bedtime," says London. "It's also hydrating and stomach-soothing, same as ginger tea."

8. Kiwi

A study from Taiwan’s Taipei Medical University found that eating two kiwi fruits around an hour before bedtime had surprising results. Psychology Today reports that study participants fell asleep more quickly, with a decrease in falling-asleep time of 35.4 percent. They also slept 28.9 percent more soundly and slept better, with a 42.4 percent improvement on a standardized sleep quality questionnaire. Overall, total sleep time for the study subjects increased by 13.4 percent.

9. Almonds

A study published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine found that if the body is suffering from low levels of magnesium, sleep problems often ensue. The National Institutes of Health lists almonds as the number one source of magnesium; adding almonds to your diet is good all around, but may be especially good for boosting some shut-eye.

10. Peanut butter

Peanut butter also pack in filling protein too. Spread it on graham crackers, a banana or that sweet potato toast. Again, keep your dollop under a tablespoon so you're not feeling too stuffed before heading to bed.