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Struggling With New Progressive Lenses and Find Out Why and How to Fix Them

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Progressive lenses are also known as line bifocals. They are high tech gadgets for the reducing ability to focus well with close objects as age up. The term that is used for these multifocal lenses because of loss of visual acuity in presbyopia. Generally, presbyopia is developed after the age of 40. Many eye doctors suggest progressive lenses with the replacing of multiple sets of RX safety glasses for reading and distance vision as well. Optometrist even suggests these multifocal lenses while they need some adjustment period for resolving that issues that raised with these lenses. Here are five common issues with progressive lenses and know how to fix them as well.



Progressive lenses cause dizziness:

Vertigo is the first complaint from mild to severe is raised with the first experience with progressive lenses. Generally, prescription safety glasses with progressive lenses have the setting of multiple vision issues in one lens. Dizziness can be raised when you look through the wrong side of the lens. A Swim term is applied that some people get to experience when they get first-time progressive lenses. This sensation is produced as you shift your vision from one part to another. For avoiding these situations, turn your head towards the required object in spite of the movement of your eyes.



Depth perception becomes off with progressive lenses:

With progressive lenses, going up and down on stairs become challengeable. While use stairs down, you can see inclination that can be problematic. So you should not see from the bottom of the lenses. You can feel like your legs are growing suddenly and the ground you are using is a different place. If you are facing this tripping situation continuously with new progressive lenses of your safety eyewear, take some time to adjust with them. Practice well while walking on the stairs etc. You can get proper guidelines from your doctor and know how can you look from the correct part of the lens for distance vision.



Headache with progressive lenses:

Your brain and eyes need some time for becoming used with the new eyewear and even you can get these lenses in the form of 3m safety glasses. Headache basically happens in the period of acclimation. If you are continuously getting a headache with progressive lenses that lead to eye strain. Must visit an eye doctor for the lens placement and maybe you have a wrong prescription.


Peripheral distortion with progressive lenses:

Coming innovations in technology will soon eliminate all the blur vision side effects that can produce by the wearing of progressive lenses. Peripheral distortion can produce because of these lenses. The progressive lenses are made for specific zones, so more peripheral vision can produce as you move from right or left. Avoid peripheral vision, you need to completely move your head in any direction instead of eyes.


How can you use progressive lenses for reading and computer use?

You need some practice for reading through prescription safety glasses frames with progressive lenses. The reading area is held in the bottom of lenses. So as you head down and see through distance portion can cause blurry vision. You have to see through the bottom part of lenses while reading and put your head down. While looking at a computer screen is a different thing when you have progressive lenses. To look through a distance vision zone can be disturbing for the eyes. For this purpose, you have to look through the correct vision portion of the lenses. After a little practicing and adjusting the monitor, you will be able to see clearly. But after applying all methods, still, you have a problem, consult your doctor if you have to use a computer for a long time.



Progressive lenses are also known as line bifocals. They are high tech gadgets for the reducing ability to focus well with close objects as age up. The term that is used for these multifocal lenses because of loss of visual acuity in presbyopia.
posted Jun 26 by Laraina Stevens

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It helps prevent different types of cancer
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It helps you feel better
If you are addicted to coffee, now you now the benefits of drinking this delicious beverage, but if you don’t drink coffee at all, you should consider including it in your diet to improve your mood, prevent diseases and feel more energized!

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