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Give us five minutes and we will tell you how to get fit?

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Thomas Jefferson – who was the third president of the United States of America – is known for  the following quote: “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” The same logic can be applied to getting fit. If you want to attain the state of being fit you need to put your body through activities that it may not have ever done before or may not have done for a long time.

However, getting fit and maintaining the status of being fit doesn’t have to all be about blood, sweat and tears – and not much else. You’ve probably heard the old wives’ tale that there is categorically no pain without gain and that you should mistrust any gains that you achieve if they don’t come with a good amount of effort.

Don’t believe us? Give us five minutes and we’ll tell you how this is possible.

Set realistic fitness goals

First of all: in order to get fit you need to be specific about what you want to achieve. It’s not good enough saying “I want to get fit”. You need to lay down certain deliverables in your journey to getting fit so that you can picture what being fit means for you and actually see it. This will make you hold yourself accountable in the journey and will help you gauge where you are so that if you are not achieving what you want to you can go back to the drawing board and redesign how you are going to achieve your goals.

Hire a personal trainer

This type of professional has trained for years and years about how to help their clients along the road to physical wellness and fitness in addition to assisting them to reach their various goals for their physiques.

Thus, to attain your fitness goals in the time that you have available, enlisting the assistance of a personal trainer is the best way to go. Such an individual will be able to assess what you want to achieve, the time that you have available and will work out a plan that fits in with both elements. The great thing about a personal trainer is that they will be able to give you benchmarks along the way – in the form of assessments – so that you can see what you’re achieving. This will also help to motivate you to keep on with your exercise programme.

Critically examine your eating habits

Training and good nutrition principles go hand in hand. You can train as hard and as long as you like but unless you back it up with the right nutrition, your mind as well not even have started your training routine.

Think we’re talking a load of nonsense? Let’s illustrate what we’re saying with an example.

Say, for instance, that one of your fitness goals is to build lean muscle mass. We know that the majority of muscles is made up of protein and that the body doesn’t keep stores of protein. It uses what it needs to, at the time, and then excretes the rest.

The best way to build lean muscle mass is through training with weights. In order to promote the development of muscle, you need to consume protein – either through protein-rich foods such as hard-boiled eggs or lean chicken breasts or by taking a protein shake. If you don’t do this, or don’t consume enough protein in your diet, it will be very difficult for you to reach your goal of building the lean muscle mass that you want.

If you’re struggling to decide on what are the best nutrients you should be taking in to support your training goals, consult a registered dietitian or a nutritionist. These professionals have studied the art and science of good nutrition for years which makes them well placed to assist you where you need to.

So there you have it – our five-minute guide of how to get fit. What are you waiting for? Follow these principles today and see how they can help you to a world of fitness.

posted Jun 13, 2019 by Yogeshwar Thakur

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The factors that you should take into consideration are:
•    Brand,
•    Electronic or manual,
•    Running area,
•    Auto or manual incline,
•    Pre-built programs and pre-sets,
•    Power use, 
•    Supported weight, and
•    Price, which is very important. 

When you are checking the treadmill prices, you have to pay utmost attention to the kind of brand that you will probably make your check out to. It is because a brand represents high quality, the level of service and ultimately your satisfaction.

Electronic or manual
If you have ever used a gym treadmill, then it was probably an electronic one. The electronic treadmills have built-in motors that run the mat on which you can walk on or run. Whereas, a manual treadmill is a treadmill that does not have an electronic motor and requires efforts to be put in by the user in order to work. 

Obviously, a manual treadmill is more reasonable than an electronic one but if you have the budget to buy the electronic treadmill then go for that.

Running area

It is important to know the area where the treadmill will be placed because no good can come out of exercising in a cramped area as it will make the treadmill less usable and more usable for drying your clothes on.
The larger the running area, the better!

Auto or manual incline

As you grow stronger by walking, one of the easiest ways to keep maximizing your strength is by increasing the intensity of your workout. 
Aside from the speed, a good way to increase workout’s intensity is to increase the incline. The higher the incline, the better the intensity!

On modern treadmills, there are two ways to adjust incline:
•    Manual
•    Automatic

Adjusting manually means physically adjusting the angle of inclination by adjusting the treadmill.
Whereas, automatic incline means that the angle of inclination can be adjusted with just a push of the button. 
From the perspective of using treadmills, the verdict is that automatic inclination is much better. 

Pre-built programs and pre-sets

Most of the treadmill online is expected to have pre-programmed routes and many other settings. Some of those settings are:
•    Running at high speed for 2km then slow speed for 2km then again speeding up.
•    Imitation of a terrain for 1km, then running on a flat surface.
•    Brisk walking at an incline for 20 minutes, then fast running for 20 minutes at constant speed.

The kind of programs that you will get on a treadmill will depend on the model and brand you purchase.

Power use

You wouldn’t feel great if the electric bill for running on a treadmill will cost you to lose some more weight. So, remember to check the amount of power the motor of your treadmill uses.

Supported weight

The supported weight factor is something that the majority of the people do not think about. Just like any other machine, treadmill too has a limit to how much weight it can support, ranging from 100 kg to 200 kg.
In case you are overweight, it is important to know just how much weight your treadmill can support. 


Your budget is the key factor that matters the most in treadmill price. Depending on that you may see a number of options for purchasing treadmills.
Once you have your treadmill home, try new variations every day because doing the something each passing day will turn out to be boring.


Vinod has more than 22 years of preparing knowledge added to his repertoire and is additionally a specialist in 16 wellness systems. Meet Mumbai-based VIP wellness coach, Vinod Channa, who has worked with world-class competitors and film stars. His big name customer base brags of Bollywood biggies like John Abraham (prepared by Vinod for Force 2), Riteish Deshmukh, Sohail Khan, Aashish Chaudhary, Ayushmann Khurrana, Harman Baweja and Surveen Chawla. Vinod additionally assumed a major part in Shilpa Shetty's post pregnancy make-over and all the more as of late, he was in the news for Anant Ambani's (the child of Mukesh and Nita Ambani) weight reduction change. 

Vinod's center has dependably been on the innovative work of predominant preparing methods and planning nourishment projects to adjust solid unevenness, continuance, adaptability and center dependability. "Being a fitness coach includes 15 to 20 hours of hands-on individual preparing, workout planning and program outline," clarifies Vinod. In the midst of all his expert responsibilities, Vinod still figures out how to eat right and keeps up his status as India's best coach. Since he's working out throughout the day, consistently, we simply needed to get some information about his own fuel ... his eating regimen! 



An ambitious person, Vinod gets up by 5 AM. He begins his day with some garam chai with one teaspoon of sugar, and four bubbled eggs with four cuts of chestnut bread. By 5.45 AM he is prepared to prepare his first customer for a 6 AM session. "I used to eat 28 eggs a day however now I have chopped that down to 12 to 14 eggs," he shares. Every individual instructional course goes on for 60 minutes and Vinod has sessions lined up till 1 PM. 


Early afternoon Snack 

At around 10 AM, Vinod eats a nibble of an omelet made of four egg whites, alongside an entire organic product, for example, apple, sweet lime, papaya or watermelon. He either conveys the nibble with him or requests in, at his studio where he prepares. 



Vinod eats flame broiled chicken or fish, a dish of sprout plate of mixed greens or standard cooked green vegetables and one crude carrot alongside two bajra rotis and a dish of curd. "Organic products like apples, bananas and oranges are additionally a piece of my feast. I additionally incorporate a protein shake (I lean toward the Labrada Brand)," he includes. 

Vinod has five to six little dinners a day and tails them up with some natural green tea. 


Mid-Evening Snack 

His 4 PM snacks comprises of four bubbled eggs and a natural product. Here and there he substitutes that with a glass of almond milk and a modest bunch of blended nuts like almonds, walnuts, pistachio and flaxseeds, which are to a great degree nutritious. "Almond milk is loaded with protein and great carbs furthermore ups my vitality levels," includes Vinod. 

Vinod takes an evening rest around 2.30 PM to give his body enough rest. The second 50% of his work-day begins by 4 PM where he prepares customers till 10 PM, which now and again extends to midnight. 



His supper comprises of a flame broiled chicken or fish alongside one ragi roti and a dish of steamed broccoli. He additionally incorporates a vegetable or sprout serving of mixed greens, a glass of juice or a protein shake, in the feast. 

"My supper is constantly requested in, however I ensure it's lone flame broiled chicken or fish. It's likewise decent to eat light around evening time to simplicity absorption and rest soundly," accentuates Vinod. 



A protein shake is all that Vinod enjoys, now and then, after supper. He is for the most part in bed by 12 AM (ought to his sessions wrap up by 10 PM) so he gets enough close eye. 

"Once every week, on Sundays particularly, I have a trick day and eat vegan sustenance just to switch my sense of taste a bit and break the tedium. Browned rice and dessert are my shortcomings," offers Vinod.


Getting your exercise for the day can be tough. Finding the time, not to mention the energy, can be a heck of an uphill battle, and this goes double if you have kids or a demanding job. Luckily, there are a number of things that you can do in order to ensure that you get at least a good, solid five minutes of exercise in every single day.

Here are a few ideas to maximize the burn in a limited amount of time:

Start Early

Five minutes of exercise in the afternoon, when you're already tired, can be a tremendous chore. Five minutes of exercise in the morning, just before breakfast, can be very easy to squeeze in. In order to ensure that you're able to snap into your morning routine, make sure to get plenty of sleep. The body sleeps in three hour cycles, so if you can't get a full eight hours, go for six. By exercising in the morning, you can kickstart your body so that you'll have more energy during the day.

Don't Rush

Get through five minutes worth of exercise in five minutes. Don't try to compress a thirty, forty minute workout into five minutes. If you try to rush, then at best you're going to be doing your routine without full effort, and at worst you're going to seriously injure yourself. Intensity is key, irresponsibility is dangerous.

Stay Hydrated

The average adult should drink about a gallon of water a day. This will keep you energized so that you can snap right into your five minutes of exercise whenever you feel like it.

More Weight, Fewer Reps

Do you really want to sit there and lift a ten pound weight for thirty minutes? Try going with the heaviest weights that you can comfortably lift, and doing two sets of 8-12 reps each. This is how Bruce Lee exercised, typically strength-training for fewer than 20 minutes every day, and his physique was incredible. More intense exercise allows you to get a lot done in just a few minutes.

Do it When You Like

Working out in the morning can be a great idea, but doing your exercises here and there, when you can, can make the process very easy for busy people. You might not always be able to find five minutes to do push-ups or sit-ups, but how hard is it to find thirty seconds or a single minute to do a few pull-ups, or some basic stretches and exercises that you can do right at your desk?

Don't Forget to Stretch

Stretch, and stay stretched, throughout the day. Even a five minute workout can lead to serious injury if you don't go into it with a limber body. There are a ton of easy stretches that you can do.

Try twisting at the waist in your chair to stretch your back muscles, do cat stretches in the morning, touch your toes and try to touch your elbows together whenever you get a free moment, etc.

You typically want to do some light warm-ups before stretching if you're at the gym, but assuming that you move around during the day, that you don't just park in a chair for eight hours straight, you should be able to stretch whenever you feel like it as long as you take your time and are careful not to overextend anything.

Keep Developing Your Routine

There's no one, set five minute routine that works perfectly for everyone. The exercises that you do will depend on your fitness goals, your age, your body type and so on. If you have a leg injury, for instance, you're not going to be doing a minute of sprinting in the parking lot on the way into the office.

Take the time to study exercises that you can do in short bursts, and keep developing your routine over time, changing it as you find methods that work better.

Some Basic Exercises

To get you started, here are a few exercises that you can do in a short amount of time:

1) Self-resistance: If you don't have any weights handy, press your palms together and slowly extend your arms in front of you, pushing your hands against one another with all your strength. Then pull your hands back in. This achieves similar effect to a push-up, but can be done in seconds at your desk.

2) Squats: You can do these anywhere - while standing in line, while getting dressed, etc. Just squat down as far as you comfortably can, and stand back up, keeping your feet flat.

3) Deep breathing: Breathe from your stomach, not your chest, and then expel every bit of air you can. This will lend you more energy throughout your routine.

Keep exploring and playing with new exercises and you'll be able to get your five minute routine down in no time.