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You Have Been Pronouncing These Words Wrong All This Time

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The key to having a good command over English is the correct pronunciation of words. The fluency with which one speaks English goes into vain if the words are not pronounced correctly.
The level of your education is not a markup of how good or bad you are in speaking English. It is how you pronounce and how well you write that shows your confidence over the language.
Incorrect pronunciation can often lead to miscommunication and may show your lack of knowledge. Sometimes it can also result in hampering your confidence as you may end up avoid using certain words on day to day basis.

English is a tricky language to say the least. How a certain word is written is not how it is pronounced. And while there are certain letters that are silent in some words, the same rule doesn’t apply to all words.

Wrongful pronunciation of words can affect your conversations and may even lead to you avoiding the talk entirely.

There are many words that even pro English speakers have been pronouncing wrong. But if you are someone who wants to speak and write the language correctly, then we are here to help you sharpen your skills.

Scroll down to check out the words you have been pronouncing wrong and hone the correct pronunciation skills by repeating the same words like a mantra


How You Pronounce It: Pi-za
Correct Pronunciation: Peet-zuh


How You Pronounce It: Soot
Correct Pronunciation: Sweet


How You Pronounce It: Wed-nes-day
Correct Pronunciation: Wenz-day


How You Pronounce It: Dez-ert
Correct Pronunciation: Dizz-urt


How You Pronounce It: O-nion
Correct Pronunciation: A-nion


How You Pronounce It: Buff-ay
Correct Pronunciation: Boo-fay


How You Pronounce It: Jen-ner
Correct Pronunciation: Jon-ruh


How You Pronounce It: Bass
Correct Pronunciation: Base


How You Pronounce It: Saar
Correct Pronunciation: Sower


How You Pronounce It: Sa-loon
Correct Pronunciation: Sa-lawn

posted May 16, 2019 by Nway Nadar

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