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Me and my husband are redecorating our home office so suggest us few useful vastu tips.

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Me and my husband are redecorating our home office so suggest us few useful vastu tips.
posted May 3, 2019 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Increasing the space of digital accessibility worldwide helps professionals the comfort of working from home, saving commuting hours, to focus more on work and meet deadlines. In order to save time, energy and concentration on work Professionals and entrepreneurs mostly work from home. Before they start working they surely will set up their own complete workplace at home.

To maintain balance and ensure productivity it’s important to follow Vastu rules. Make sure you have built the workplace according to Vastu guideline to attract positive vibes, gain wealth and career growth.

To maintain the balance and to ensure the productivity of your workplace you must follow these rules.

Vastu Shastra guidelines for a home office (workplace):

Always make sure your home office is set up towards the west or south-west direction of the house. This helps you to have a stable career.
Wardrobes and drawers containing important paper works and documents should be placed in the west or southwest direction of the house to make sure it opens up in the north, east or northeast direction. According to Vastu, this helps you to attract wealth.
Always try to avoid colours like black or blue on the wall while setting up your office at home. Black and blue represent negativity also attract negative energy.
According to Vastu Shastra, the work chair must be comfortable, spacious and wide enough to cover the head of the person sitting on it.
Make sure you don’t store any unwanted papers and pens because it can cause you with bad luck.
One must face towards north-east while you are working
Irregular shape desks should be avoided. One must go for a square or rectangular desk.
Always make sure computer and other gadgets must be placed towards the southeast.
Make sure to off the power switch when machines are not in use.
Never place a god idol on the desk it’s against Vastu Shastra.
Make sure you place the mirror according to Vastu directions as you know it can affect you with good vibes if placed properly, if not it can cause you with bad luck for your work.
Placing a small globe on the northwest side of your work desk can attract international work opportunities.
Never buy a table with glass attached to it.
Placing a pyramid on your desk can help you to concentrate on your work.
Every office room should be rectangular shaped and well defined.
One should not place anything which creates an obstacle in front of the main entrance.
You can keep fresh flowers on east side of the office.

Make sure you follow up the rules of Vastu Shastra while setting up the office (workplace) in your home. Ensure to attract positive energy in order to gain profits and wealth.

answer May 17, 2019 by Vastu Dekho
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