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Normally peoples say south facing house is not good, but what vastu shastra say for this?

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Normally peoples say south facing house is not good, but what vastu shastra say for this?
posted Apr 11, 2019 by Santhosh Kumar

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1 Answer

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Are you worried to know the effects of having a South Facing Home? Well, South facing direction houses or homes has to be designed very carefully. Although it is not bad, each direction has positive and negative zones. The main entrance or we call it the entrance door of the house/home has to be ideally marked by a Vastu expert with the magnetic compass. Check these Top 5 Vastu Recommendations:
1. While constructing South facing houses/homes, it is recommended to provide more open spaces towards the North and East as this will create harmony and well-being of the inhabitants and bring luck and success.
2. For South facing Plots/houses/homes, it is suggested to raise the level of the floor at South West Zone.
3. Construct the house in a rectangular or square shape if you hold or purchased an irregular or odd site/plot.
4. More energy attracts if the plot/site has a Borewell or underground tank at Northeast Zone (because the element of water occupies this place according to Vastu Shastra)
5. If the Plots/Sites is South facing… not to worry…. just provide maximum balconies towards North and East when planning for construction on such plot.
FOR MORE REMEDIES READ THIS ARTICLE:Troubling with South Facing House? Check these 5 Top Vastu Recommendations

answer May 2, 2019 by Vasudha
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