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Does Vastu affect our health?

0 votes
Does Vastu affect our health?
posted Mar 29 by anonymous

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2 Answers

0 votes

Yes, Vastu can affect your health because Vastu is a concept of Energy balancing. if your home has not constructed as per Vastu Shastra then this can affect your health. We have Five Elements in the house and the same Five Elements we do have in our body as well, which is commonly known as Panch Tatva. Imbalance in these five elements is the reason for our problems. so the Vastu is very important for Better Health

answer Apr 8 by Vastu Dekho
0 votes

yes, vastu affects our health. If you notice that the quantum of medicines being used in your family is extraordinarily high, check if there is any major VASTU defect in your house. If a South facing house is built against Vastu & they are unable to welcome the cosmic energies and blessings from Surya Devta at the break of day, two major Vastu effects are felt i.e. 1) continuous intake of medicines and 2) sudden attacks on monetary targets. This may be due to disbalances of various energies we receive from sun rays and improper quantity of ultraviolet & infrared rays in a house.

answer Apr 18 by Vasudha
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