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Explain the causes of wastage and stagnation of primary education?

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Explain the causes of wastage and stagnation of primary education?
posted Mar 22, 2019 by Imtiyaz Sahail

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1 Answer

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Meaning of Wastage (in context of Primary Education)

"By wastage we mean premature withdrawal of children from schools at any stage before completion of the primary courses".

This statement does not mean there is no wastage in the Secondary Course and Higher Course. Any student, who receives education at any stage, is expected to complete his education with the prescribed period. If one withdraws from the course before completion, then that individual or individuals are deemed to be wastage to the course.

In Primary Education, the main objective is the attainment of stable literary through five year schooling. If a child entering school leaves it or is withdrawn from school before completing class V, it leads to wastage in education. So wastage is premature withdrawal of children from schools. A rough and ready method to measure wastage is to compare diminution in enrolment from class to class in series of years.

Meaning of Stagnation:

"By stagnation we mean the retention in a lower class of a child for a period of more than one year. Of course stagnation always means wastage".

The students at every stage of education are expected to pass the examination after finishing the whole course. But it has been found that in general practice many students are not able to pass the examinations in one class or in more than one class within the prescribed period.

Thus, they fail and remain in the same class. These failed students repeat the same class and course whereas their other colleagues pass that class and study in the next upper class. This process has been called the process of stagnation. Thus by stagnation it is meant the stay of students in a particular class for more than one year.

So the word 'Stagnation' in education means the detention of a student in a class for more than one year on account of his unsatisfactory progress.

As in the case of primary education, the wastage and stagnation were also eating the vitals of the secondary education. The tremendous loss that is caused because of the problems of the wastage and stagnation will be clear by looking at the results of High School Final every year.

answer Mar 23, 2019 by Salil Agrawal