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How pyramids will help to remove vastu dosh in house or home?

0 votes
How pyramids will help to remove vastu dosh in house or home?
posted Dec 26, 2018 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

• Pyramids are mainly used to rectify the vastu defects just by placing the pyramid at any point of the house without any demolition or without changing any things in the house.
• Place the pyramid where problems arise like delayed marriages, health issue, loss in business, miss understanding in family occurs.
• Keep medicines under the pyramid then they will become more effective.
• Water gets energised if we placed under the pyramid. One can get more relief from skin diseases by drinking the water placed under the pyramid.
• Place the Vastu pyramid if there is missing corners in the house or offices. it will help to remove the negative energies from them.
• Keep a pyramid in each room it will destroy all the negative energies and converted them into positive energy, which is created by T.V, washing machine, fridge etc.
• Place the pyramid on study table to get complete concentration on studies and to score good marks and also it is useful in enchasing the memory power.
• Stays longer fresh and taste better placing a food and beverages under a pyramid shape of cover.
• To get good sleep and getup fresh in the morning place a pyramid in the bedroom.

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answer Dec 28, 2018 by anonymous
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