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Over possessive parents

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When my friend sayam was sleeping last night
He received call from his girlfriend before picking it up he checked al the doors were closed or not then he quickly grabbed his blanket and cover his whole body so that sound could not be heard by his parents eventually everything going good and he was romantic talk with his girlfriend but as the clock struck 5 in the morning he witnessed his father banging his door he immediately ended the call and acted as if he was sleeping after a while he open the door rubbing his eyes snd talking as if he was in his subconscious mind but his father knew the truth behind it and repeatedly asked him who was there on the call sayam refused the answer he was blank and bowed his head down his father snatch his phone from his hand and try to unlock the phone but could not crash the password the after 5 minutes later his father give him warning and made him understand it was wrong to do the same he tried to explain him he spoiling his future and it's a major sin . Now here I am asking to you guys the love is a crime ??

posted Dec 25, 2018 by Amit Verma

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