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Which is one matter for which Anne, Duchess of Brittany, (1477-1514), is remembered?

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AShe was twice Queen Consort of France
BShe gave shelter to Mary, Queen of Scots
CShe led armies to defeat Spanish and then Venetian invading forces
DShe ratified the Treaty of Brétigny, to end the first phase of the Hundred Years' War

Correct Option: 1  

She was twice Queen Consort of France
Anne inherited her duchy from her father at the age of 11, and was first married to Maximilien of Austria, at least partly to keep Brittany independent of France. However, Charles VIII of France forcefully protested (in a military campaign) to make her renounce the unconsummated marriage and then married Anne himself. On Charles's death, Anne (as she was contracted to do) married his successor Louis XII and so became Queen Consort of France for a second time. She is the only woman to have done so. Throughout Anne's marriages she worked to guard Brittany's autonomy within its union with the French crown, and its special rights and privileges. Her heart is preserved in a casket in Nantes, France.
posted Dec 3, 2018 by Amarvansh

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