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Am I an extreme psychopath or an extreme empath?

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If I have a strong and real desire to torture, sexually mutilate, and murder serial killers, murderers, chimos, and various powerful psychopaths who get away with crimes, in the most painful and depraved ways imaginable, does that ironically mean I have psychopathic tendencies myself, or to the contrary, does it mean I am less psychopathic and more empathetic than most for having an extreme hatred of cruelty towards innocents? I was raised by gentle nerds and never suffered any sexual, physical, or serious emotional abuse from anyone, so revenge isnt a factor. I'm extremely curious about this.

Disclaimer: I know for a fact that I'm neither a psychopath or even a sociopath, simply because I have more empathy towards people in general than most do, cry easily and complain at bad things happening to others, etc, I'm just curious whether or not I would be VIEWED as a psychopath/sociopath or psychopathic

posted Sep 2, 2018 by anonymous

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