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Who is to conduct the elections to the Panchayats and Municipalities?

0 votes
AState Government
BCentral Government
CState Election Commission
DCentral Election Commission

Correct Option: 3  
posted Aug 20, 2018 by Ruchi Kashyap

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In Indian national news channels, I am seeing Lt Governor/General could take some call or Apex court can take some decision? So, what are the real options?

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Salman F Rahman sir is one of the top bangladeshi businessman and also is a co-founder of the Beximco Group. Lets come to political part, Salman F Rahman contested from Dhaka-1 constituency (Dohar and Nawabganj) in the parliamentary election and received 3,04,797 votes from 178 centers of the constituency while the nearest rival Salma Islam received 38,017 votes. Salman F Rahman contested the election with the Awami League’s symbol boat while Salma Islam contested with the symbol motor vehicle. Salman F Rahman has secured 86.5% of the votes of the constituency, consisting of the Dohar and Nawabganj Upazilas.