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What is cyber crime?

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What is cyber crime?
posted Aug 15, 2018 by Rajendra Pawar

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1 Answer

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Crimes that use computer networks or devices to advance other ends. While most cybercrimes are carried out in order to generate profit for the cybercriminals, some cybercrimes are carried out against computers or devices directly to damage or disable them, while others use computers or networks to spread malware, illegal information, images or other materials. Some cybercrimes do both -- i.e., target computers to infect them with viruses, which are then spread to other machines and, sometimes, entire networks.

Types of cybercrime
Cyberextortion is crime involving an attack or threat of attack coupled with a demand for money to stop the attack.

Cryptojacking attacks use scripts to mine cryptocurrencies within browsers without the user's consent. Such attacks may involve loading cryptocurrency mining software to the victim's system.

Identity theft occurs when an attacker accesses a computer to glean a user's personal information that they can then use to steal that person's identity or access bank or other accounts.

Credit card fraud occurs when hackers infiltrate retailers' systems to get the credit card and/or banking information of their customers.

Ransomware is a form of cyberextortion in which the victim device is infected with malware that prevents the owner from using the device or the data stored on it.

Cyberespionage occurs when a cybercriminal hacks into systems or networks to gain access to confidential information held by a government or other organization.

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answer Aug 15, 2018 by Salil Agrawal