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What happened on the 1 September 1923, aggravated by the days that followed, to devastate Japan's thriving economy?

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AThe Japanese stock market crashed
BThe Great Kantō earthquake
CThe Prime Minister and five of his Cabinet were assassinated
DPrince Regent Hirohito was assassinated

Correct Option: 2  

The Great Kantō earthquake
The Great Kanto Earthquake struck Yokohama and Tokyo just before midday on 1 September and measured about 8 on the Richter scale. It left the port metropolis Yokohama in ruins, and 90% of all homes damaged or destroyed. 350,000 homes were damaged or destroyed in Tokyo, leaving 60 percent of the city's population homeless. Figures vary but records at the time showed that the quake, its associated tsunami, firestorms and the social upheaval that followed claimed the lives of nearly 130,000 people, with many more missing, a toll of over 140,000. It was the most devastating natural catastrophe in recorded history in Japan.
posted Aug 13, 2018 by Anamika

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