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What most immediately inspired the Commission, set up in 1953, which produced the immense Delta Works project?

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AA North Sea flood on the last night of January of that year
BThe Great Smog of 1952 in London
CThe coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in the UK
DA season of devastating hurricanes in the Caribbean

Correct Option: 1  

A North Sea flood on the last night of January of that year
A combination of spring tide and a northwesterly storm led to a water level of more than 5.6 metres (18.4 ft) above mean sea level in some areas of the Netherlands, Belgium, England and Scotland. The devastation included 354 deaths in England, Belgium and Scotland together with over 30,000 evacuated, and in the Netherlands 1,835 deaths, evacuation of 70,000 more people, an estimated 30,000 animals drowned, and 10,000 buildings destroyed. Destructive floods were not unknown in the area at that time of year, and as a result the Netherlands developed the Delta Works, an extensive system of dams and storm surge barriers completed in 1998, and the UK constructed storm surge barriers on the River Thames below London and on the River Hull where it meets the Humber estuary.
posted Jul 31, 2018 by Prachi Sharma

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