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Which battle was fought in 1192 A.D.?

0 votes
Which battle was fought in 1192 A.D.?
posted Jul 12 by Pooja Rao
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1 Answer

0 votes

The Battles of Tarain, also known as the Battles of Taraori was fought in 1192 A.D. In the First Battle of Tarian, Mohammed Ghori had lost the battle. After the defeat, Mohammed Ghori further prepared to strengthen his position. He reappeared in 1192 A.D. in Punjab at the head of an army of one hundred and twenty thousand men, for the conquest of Hindustan. In the Second Battle of Tarian (Taraori) was again fought between Ghurid army of Mohammed Ghori and Rajput army of Prithviraj Chauhan. In this battle, Prithviraj Chauhan was defeated by Mohammed Ghori.

answer Jul 13 by Subham Singh

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