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Which of these was viewed as an antidote to poison, and a general panacea?

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ATheriaca, or Venice Treacle
BA mixture of mercury, sulphur and arsenic
CGazelle dung

Correct Option: 1  

Theriaca, or Venice Treacle
Theriaca was developed in ancient Greece, was widely popular across Europe, in use as far afield as India and China, and remained in use as a remedy until at least the 19th century; it is a compound of 64 ingredients including herbs, spices, and opium. The mercury/sulphur/arsenic remedy was proposed as an ancient source of eternal life and the ability to walk on water, although not specifically as an anti-toxin. Gazelle dung, according to 1500 B.C.’s Ebers Papyrus, as well as the dung of donkeys, dogs, and flies was celebrated for their healing properties - again, not specifically an anti-toxin. Anemone was a remedy proposed by Nicholas Culpeper to clean ulcerations, infections, cure leprosy or clear the nostrils.
posted Jul 4, 2018 by Karan Joglekar

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