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Where is the Langue de Barbarie?

0 votes
AOff the coast of Senegal
BChelif River, Algeria
CRiver Rhône, France
DThe highlands of Mali

Correct Option: 1  

Off the coast of Senegal
The Langue was a thin, long and low peninsula lying along the coast. In 2003 a breach was cut in the peninsula for flood control purposes, but the breach rapidly widened and by 2013 the Langue was effectively so reduced and cut off that it had become an island. A number of settlements are threatened, or in some cases swallowed up, by the effects of the breach. A National Park at the southern edge of what was the peninsula is home to an abundant variety of bird species and three species of turtle, including the critically endangered hawksbill sea turtle.
posted Jun 14, 2018 by Udita

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