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What can blue john be used for?

0 votes
ACoating steel, particularly gun barrels, to protect from rust
BWhitening clothes being washed
CStoring Johnnie Walker blue label whisky
DJewellery, drinking vessels, vases

Correct Option: 4  

Jewellery, drinking vessels, vases
Blue John is a form of fluorite banded in purple-blue or a yellowish colour, a hard semi-precious mineral. It is found near Castleton, Derbyshire, UK, where it has been mined since at least the 18th century, and apart from a similar banded fluorite recently found in China it is the only source of this particular banded fluorite. Blue-john is also a term sometimes used for skim milk or milk which is beginning to sour.
posted Jun 13, 2018 by Basabdatta Mukherjee

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