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Which is the first defence satellite of India?

0 votes
Which is the first defence satellite of India?
posted May 18, 2018 by Sunita Jha

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1 Answer

0 votes

GSAT-7, is the first defence satellite of India. The Indian Navy is the user of the multi-band communication spacecraft, which has been operational since September 2013. GSAT-7, the multi-band communication satellite named Rukmini carries the payloads in UHF, C band and Ku band. It is the first dedicated military communication satellite built by ISRO that will provide services to the Indian defence forces.
The 2,650 kilograms (5,840 lb) GSAT-7 is the last of ISRO’s seven fourth-generation satellites. Its foreign launch cost has been put at Rs. 480 crore.

answer May 19, 2018 by Sandy Joe
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