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Which is the capital of Indian State of Chhattisgarh?

0 votes
Which is the capital of Indian State of Chhattisgarh?
posted Apr 4, 2018 by Sumit Kumar

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1 Answer

0 votes


Chhattisgarh is one of the fastest-developing states in India. The state was formed on 1 November 2000 by partitioning 10 Chhattisgarhi and 6 Gondi speaking southeastern districts of Madhya Pradesh. The capital city was chosen as Raipur.

Raipur Comprising of two Lok Sabha constituencies, 13 Vidhan Sabha constituencies, 15 revenue blocks and 13 tehsils. It has a total population of 30,16,930 as per 2001 census. The city shares its geographical contours with Orissa, Bilaspur, Raigarh and Bastar. Raipur possesses a total of about 58 industrial units within its premises. City is surrounded by the perennial river of Mahanadi, hence the agricultural lands of the city are quite fertile.

answer Apr 4, 2018 by Salil Agrawal
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