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Male, Female and Kids names of Animals

–3 votes

1) Donkey - Male: Jack, Female: Jenny (mit), Child: Foal 
2) Bear - Male: Boar, Female: Sow, Child: Cub 
3) Cat - Male: Tom, Female: Queen, Child: Kitten 
4) Cattle - Male: Bull, Female: Cow, Child: Calf 
5) Chicken - Male: Rooster or cock, Female: Hen, Child: Chick 
6) Deer - Male: Buck or stag , Female: Doe, Child: Fawn 
7) Dog - Male: Dog, Female: Bitch, Child: Pup
8) Duck - Male: Drake, Female: Duck, Child: Duckling 
9) Elephant - Male: Bull, Female: Cow, Child: Calf 
10) Fox - Male: Dog, Female: Vixen, Child: Cub 
11) Goose - Male: Gander, Female: Goose, Child: Gosling 
12) Horse - Male: Stallion, Female: Mare, Child: Foal 
13) Lion - Male: Lion, Female: Lioness, Child: Cub 
14) Rabbit - Male: Buck, Female: Doe, Child: Bunny 
15) Sheep - Male: Ram, Female: Ewe, Child: Lamb
16) Swan - Male: Cob, Female: Pen, Child: Cygnet 
17) Pig - Male: Boar, Female: Sow, Child: Piglet 
18) Tiger - Male: Tiger, Female: Tigress, Child: Cub 
19) Wolf - Male: Dog, Female: Bitch, Child: Pup


posted Mar 27, 2018 by Salil Agrawal

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