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why and how Plastic is boon for us?

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why and how Plastic is boon for us?
posted Mar 13 by Yadav Yaduvanshi
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1 Answer

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Plastic is an invention of man. It is a material created and extensively used by him. It is a synthetic or semi synthetic material. It is available in various shapes and thickness. Unique property of it is that it can be molded. Plastic is useful in many ways as well as a material of disadvantage to mankind. It is of great use in day to day life, but it cannot be destroyed no matter what efforts are made. Thus, this is a matter of serious issue. Since you asked only how it is boon for mankind so just covering only how is it boon...

Plastic is a boon to mankind. It has proved to be very useful in all walks of life. Plastic is used as carry bag helpful to carry things. It is used by all the people, it is easily available as well as cheap. We cannot imagine our lives without it. It has become necessity of our lives. Earlier bags made out of cotton or jute were used. But, with the invent of plastic, these bags are replaced by plastic bags as aesthetically they look good and have become much commercialized. We are surrounded by plastic everywhere. Plastic bottles, plastic chairs, plastic toys are used by all. Even plastic containers has taken its place in our kitchen as they are easy to handle and quick to wash. Good quality plastics are unbreakable and are used in the manufacture of various articles like television, tape recorder, computers etc....In our day to day lives we use pens, boxes and many electrical appliances which are all made by plastics.

answer Mar 15 by Salil Agrawal

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