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What characterises "Los Angeles smog"?

0 votes
AHydrocarbons and smoke
BWater and hydrocarbons
CWater, hydrocarbons and soot particles
DNitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and ozone

Correct Option: 4  

Nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and ozone
This photochemical smog is most prominent in urban areas that have large numbers of automobiles, and causes a light brownish coloration of the atmosphere, reduced visibility, plant damage, irritation of the eyes, and respiratory distress. Los Angeles was particularly prone to the smog because of its high population of cars in its mountain-surrounded valley; tight restrictions on emissions levels for all new cars sold in California and mandatory regular emission tests of older vehicles has substantially eased the problem.
posted Feb 20, 2018 by Harshita Dhaliwal

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