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What is vegetative propagation and what are its benefits?

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posted Feb 16, 2018 by Dimple Dawar

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1 Answer

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It is the production of plants from vegetative parts of the plant like stem, root, leaf etc. In vegetative propagation, a portion is detached from the body of the parent plant and is grown independently.

Advantages of vegetative propagation
1. For propagation of plants that produce little or no viable seeds
2. Many fruits are cross pollinated, so to provide consistent quality without variation vegetative propagation is preferred
3. Most often easier, rapid and more economical method
4. Flowering period is short compared to seed propagated plants
5. Method of choice in propagating plants in unfavourable environmental condition
6. Method of choice for plants to be grown in orchards and gardens due to its small size
7. Qualities of two plants can be successfully combined to form a superior hybrid plant in vegetative propagation

Disadvantages of vegetative propagation
1. Vegetative propagated plants are short lived, small compared to seed propagated plants.
2. No new varieties can be produced.
3. Skilled persons are required and often expensive compared to seed propagation.
4. More susceptible to diseases as the entire plant may get affected as there is no genetic variation.

answer Feb 17, 2018 by Salil Agrawal