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The dangers of value...? An economy of greed.

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Everything we gain is always of value but everything we get rid of is always devalued. There are structures setup to innovate an sell everything we need with lavish promise, but from the minute we own looses it's value. Who decided that values is time an worth? So much waste an nobody asks if we have not been done a disservice by the idea that value is perishable. Something can be broken an it can still have value if we put as much effort into the human economy as in the nothing but money economy. Recycling is just a universal after thought, if it weren't there would be hundreds of recycling plants springing up in every country in the world. Where irony lives resides a liar. All these world money making institutions but nobody hears of the institutions of human worth. Are our worth not measured by how much we care, soould we not return one to gain another? People are still stuck in the old miner's mindset, the treasure hunters thirst, we dig up or find an we shall be rewarded. Now that everybody has gold an treasure in their hands of what value is it much. In steps the innovator an gives us more asking that we just pile all our gold an treasures in one corner as we shall value them in spirit. A thief is still a thief even if he places a token in the palm of your hand. Is it not surprising how something must be rare for it to be of any real value? That someone's worth is measured by their death? I always laugh when I see these companies create amazing things, things that would better the world, to find in the end nobody can purchase it as it cost too much. Greed difines itself not upon what we can have to gain but what we have. If not there would be not just the sale gaints but also the gainers gaints. Value should not be searched for it should be as certain as the next sparkling thing and in fact what you have to gain from that return should define what you want. Once I was told that things don't matter but they do as they are a reflection on us good or bad and the very earth we "raped" them from.

posted Jan 26, 2018 by anonymous

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