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In 1982 the City of Edinburgh,British Airways Flight 9, was the first commercial flight to discover the effects of what?

0 votes
AUse of mobile phones during flight
BSustainable aviation fuel
CAircraft icing
DFlying through volcanic ash

Correct Option: 4  

Flying through volcanic ash
The flight, call-sign Speedbird 9, en route from Heathrow in the UK to Auckland in New Zealand was in the leg of its flight out of Malaysia when it flew through a cloud of volcanic ash thrown up by an eruption from Mt Galunggung in Jakarta. All four engines failed. When the crew managed to restart the engines - eventually - and land in Jakarta the metal of the plane and the "windscreen" glass was found to be severely abraded and the engines choked with ash and volcanic glass and rock.
posted Jan 9, 2018 by Pankaj Deshmukh

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