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Which one of the following was the outcome of first Anglo Afghan War?

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AThe Treaty of Gandamak was signed
BMassacre of 4,500 British troops and 12,000 British, Afghan and Indian camp followers
CThe Durand Line was drawn, marking a boundary between India (later Pakistan) and Afghanistan
DThe Battle of San Cala

Correct Option: 2  

Massacre of c.4,500 British troops and 12,000 British, Afghan and Indian camp followers
Mobs started attacking the already winter-beleaguered Kabul garrison of around 16,500 (of which c. 4,500 were British military personnel, being Indian units and one European battalion). The British retreated and then were almost annihilated when going through a long narrow pass in the Hindu Kush; one British soldier and a small number of Indian soldiers and camp followers survived. The British had other large forces in the country and defeated the major Afghan forces, carried out reprisals, and withdrew from Afghanistan completely. The Treaty of Gandamak was signed during the Second Anglo-Afghan War. The Durand Line was established in 1896. The Battle of San Cala was fought in Argentina.
posted Dec 4, 2017 by anonymous

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