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What two countries were signatories to the first of the two Treaties of Tilsit in 1807?

+1 vote
ARussia and France
BPrussia and France
CThe UK and Portugal
DThe UK and Austria

Correct Option: 1  

The first Treaty made a pact between France and Russia, the second Treaty was between France and Prussia cementing France's victory over Prussia and sequestering much of Prussia's territory. The Treaties brought a temporary halt to Napoleon's battles and enabled him to turn to trying to blockade the UK and make sure Sweden was brought into his Continental System. Napoleon left Russia to prosecute the Anglo-Russian War and the Finnish War (against Sweden) and turned his attention to Portugal, previously open to trade with the UK, and, once his forces were established in Spain, to Spain itself sparking the Peninsular War. The forces opposing Napoleon in this war were the Spanish independence guerrillas and the UK forces under Wellington's leadership.
posted Nov 24, 2017 by anonymous

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