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find out the area of a triangle with base 25cm and a penpendicular from apex legth is of 1.5 cm.

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Technical android & window

posted Nov 20, 2017 by Sambhav Parakh

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Which of these is a natural area of roughly 16 square km (6.2 squ miles), which is 5 km (3.1 miles) west of Tuktoyaktuk, Canada, in a coastal region of the Arctic Ocean, which contains approximately 1,350 Arctic ice dome hills?

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This question is trending all over internet and the answers i expected where Interpersonal skills, Communication skills,Emotional intelligence , intelligence quotient and reading but they are all wrong what could be the correct answer

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In July 2017 an iceberg with an area of about 5,800 sq. km calved from what shelf in Antarctica?
A. Larsen C
B. Larsen B
C. Larsen A
D. Ross