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What is Alankar in hindi and its types?

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What is Alankar in hindi and its types?
posted Aug 1, 2017 by Sumeet Vyas

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1 Answer

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Alankar means 'jewelery'. Just as a woman decorates herself with ornaments and uses her jewels to beautify her beauty, in the same way, the use of ornaments in poetry increases the beauty of poetry. Miracles arise from the use of ornaments in poetry. In Hindi grammar, due to the same quality of ornaments, they have a special place. If there were no decorations, then imagine the poetry, not being poetic, but becoming mere quiescent rows. The use of ornaments has made poetry beautiful on one side, then the second and it is filled with the merits of the miracle.
Like Charu Chandra's playful rays playing in the water space
The allegations are mainly considered as two distinctions -
(1) Vocabulary
(2) Meaning
(1) Three variations of the vocabulary are considered- (a) Alliteration ornamentation, (b) Synovation of deed and (c) Punishment
(2) Meaningful declarations are considered as six distinctions- (a) Upma, (b) metaphor, (c) catalyzation, (d) exaggeration, (d) inductance, and (f) humanization.

answer Aug 2, 2017 by Sunita