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Who brings cooco to Ghana?

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Who brings cooco to Ghana?
posted Jul 18, 2017 by Abdul Baaki De Baaki

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1 Answer

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Tetteh Quarshie
Tetteh Quarshie (1843 – 25 December 1892) was a pre-independence Ghanaian agriculturalist and the person directly responsible for the introduction of cocoa crops to Ghana, which today constitute one of the major export crops of the Ghanaian economy. He travelled to the Fernando Po Island where he worked as a blacksmith. Upon returning to Ghana in 1879, he brought with him cocoa pods known as “AMELONADE” and planted them on his farm at Mampong (Akwapim). Although he is credited with the introduction of cocoa into the then Gold Coas but many historical records suggest that Dutch missionaries had planted cocoa in the coastal belt of Ghana as far back as 1815.

Source: Wiki

answer Jul 19, 2017 by Salil Agrawal