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Eyes problem: Possible glaucoma?

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I was feeling my right eye lid is heavy from last 3 days so I decided to check to doctor when doctor checked it she said its allergy nothing else. I was kind fine that its just a simple allergy but after few more test she said she noticed sth in my eye and that was my optical nerve is large and she said large optical nerve means I have high chances of glaucoma and then she checked my eye pressure my eye pressure was completely normal but she said she wanna take some more test so she called me up on this Friday I am really scared what if I have glaucoma? I am just 16 so its hard u know, she absolutely says that my right eye lid problem was just simple allergy but my optical nerve is different problem so guys please help me with it

posted Jul 12, 2017 by anonymous

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What type of help you need?
I believe you should wait for the test result and if its glucoma follow what your doctor say. If it is not then you may not need any help?