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8 tasty food items should avoid during monsoon season

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The monsoons are here and so is the craving for chai and samosa. Why not? Monsoons give respite from the scorching sun and dripping sweat. But did you know that these delectable dishes could do a major locha with your health?

Stay far away from your beloved 8 tasty food items if you don’t want to catch infections!

1. Pani Puri

The simple specify of golgappas prompts storm ki barsaat in my mouth. However, what to do? Downpours and puchkas don't get along too well. Ye saazish hai boondon ki to keep us far from our darling golgappas, however for wellbeing's purpose, this unsurpassed most loved sustenance thing should be abstained from amid storms. Think sullied water, floating dust and flies, and serious the runs. Why just in storms? Since this is the ideal time for the E Coli microscopic organisms to breed, and they are in charge of the vast majority of the contaminations. Stickiness levels are likewise high amid the stormy season, which lessens the body's stomach related capacity.

2. Pakoras

Pakoras come in all shapes and sizes and we adore them. No segregation. From bread pakora to bhajiyas, we could take unlimited servings with some tea. Sounds eminent? But that the stomach doesn't concur. Cease from pakoras unless you need to nurture a bombshell, a variety of diseases, or a bloated stomach.

3. Chaat Tikki

Tikki, bhel puri, dahi bhalle, batata puri...the list is immense. No big surprise how full we are, there is dependably space for additional. Be that as it may, storms are not a decent time for eating chaat as the water from which it is made could be exceptionally defiled. The flies floating above it alongside the sullied water make an ideal formula for looseness of the bowels and jaundice.

4. Samosa-Kachori

Samosas are bae, actually. They came and stayed – and have developed for the better – from aloo to chowmein samosa and keema to pasta samosa. In any case, gorging on samosas amid rainstorm could prompt a progression of gastronomical inconveniences – all that oil is inclined to turning sour in the moistness!

5. Cut Fruits on the Roads

Prolonged exposure to monsoon air makes natural products helpless against defilement – along these lines prompting stomach diseases, influenza and ailment. Why might you go out on a limb? Stick to newly cut organic products at home and devour them quickly. Be sheltered!

6. Sea Food

Monsoons are the breeding season for fish, prawns and other ocean animals. So these are best maintained a strategic distance from for fear that they prompt various stomach diseases or even sustenance harming in outrageous cases. With respect to the sushi longings, there will be time! That time is simply not currently...

7. Leafy Vegetables

Do you hate those healthy greens? Tired of mum running after you for that dose of green veggies? Welcome the rains in that case because this might be the only time your resistance is right! Monsoons turn leafy vegetables soggy, making them powerless to germs. Mud, soil and worms savor leafy vegetables during the monsoons and that ought to be reason enough to look after separation.

8. Dairy Products

Why not milk, of all things? It is the essential element for chai and is generally an awesome wellspring of calcium and vitality. In any case, monsoons incur significant damage on milk, making it turn terrible rapidly. The same applies to curd and other dairy items which have a penchant to draw in bacteria – decreasing their timeframe of realistic usability and welcoming various stomach diseases.

posted Jul 12, 2017 by Kavyashree

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