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Who is called the 'Nightingale of India'?

0 votes
Who is called the 'Nightingale of India'?
posted Jun 29, 2017 by Sulekha Kumari

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1 Answer

0 votes

Sarojini Naidu
Born: 13 February 1879, Hyderabad
Died: 2 March 1949, Lucknow
She was the first Indian woman to become the President of the Indian National Congress and the first woman to become the governor of a state in India. Sarojini Naidu was a distinguished poet, renowned freedom fighter and one of the great orators of her time. She was famously known as Bharatiya Kokila (The Nightingale of India). She was proficient in Urdu, Telugu, English, Bengali, and Persian. At the age of twelve, Sarojini Naidu attained national fame when she topped the matriculation examination at Madras University.
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answer Jul 3, 2017 by Alok Kumar
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