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List of some auspicious vastu plants Which will bring health and wealth

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Holy Basil (Tulasi) : Tulasi is a holy plant and the only one which can emit oxygen 24×7, while other plants emit oxygen only during day time.


Banana : This tree should be there in North-East direction of the house courtyard. It signifies good health and mental peace. Banana tree is considered very sacred and is even worshiped.


Money plant : It should be placed in either the north or east direction. It is considered very lucky and there is a belief that money plant leads to a rise in the wealth as well as income.


JASMIN : Flowers like jasmine, red lotus, blue lotus etc are good in the house compound as they give out a pleasant perfume, and can also be used in daily worship. 


Ashoka Tree : It is believed that the Ashoka tree helps remove sufferings and grief and brings joy.They should be planted in front side of courtyard of the house.


SANDAL WOOD TREE : Sandal wood is very expensive as it is used to make exquisite handicrafts, and its oil is very fragrant. Sandalwood paste when applied on the forehead, cools the head.


MANGO TREE : Most parts of the mango tree have medicinal value. It's leaves are used as a pesticide, and its twigs are used for brushing teeth. Its leaves are used for puja purposes.

posted Jun 21, 2017 by Md Irfan

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