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Which king was also known as 'Shiladitya'?

0 votes
Which king was also known as 'Shiladitya'?
posted Jun 15, 2017 by Arun Angadi

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1 Answer

0 votes

Harsha Vardhan was also known as 'Shiladitya'. He was an Indian emperor who ruled North India from 606 to 647 CE. He belonged to Pushyabhuti dynasty; and was the son of Prabhakarvardhana who defeated the Huna invaders, and the younger brother of Rajyavardhana, a king of Thanesar, present-day Haryana. At the height of Harsha's power, his Empire covered much of North and Northwestern India, extended East till Kamarupa, and South until Narmada River; and eventually made Kannauj (in present Uttar Pradesh state) his capital, and ruled till 647 CE. The Chinese traveler Hsuan tsang mention him as 'Shiladitya'.

Harsha Vardhan was also known as 'Shiladitya'.

answer Jun 29, 2017 by Sumana
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