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Why UAVs are called drones?

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Why UAVs are called drones?
posted Mar 23, 2015 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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UAV is an acronym for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, but all UAVs are not drones. Mostly sophisticated and defense use UAVs are called drones.

Drone means a flying robot, and is we see the todays defense use UAV they confirm to this definition as they are no more sophisticated than a simple radio controlled aircraft being controlled by a human pilot at all times. Mostly they have built-in control and/or guidance systems to perform low level human pilot duties such as speed and flight path stabilization, and simple prescribed navigation functions such as waypoint following.

answer Apr 23, 2015 by Salil Agrawal
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The UAV is an acronym for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, which is an aircraft with no pilot on board. UAVs can be remote controlled aircraft (e.g. flown by a pilot at a ground control station) or can fly autonomously based on pre-programmed flight plans or more complex dynamic automation systems.

The full form of UAVS is Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle System.

UAVs are currently used for a number of missions, including reconnaissance and attack roles.

answer Mar 24, 2015 by Tanmoy Debnath