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Who was the first recipient of The Noble Prize award ?

0 votes
Who was the first recipient of The Noble Prize award ?
posted May 10, 2017 by Richa Patil

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2 Answers

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The first Nobel Prizes are awarded in Stockholm, Sweden, in the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, and peace on 10th Dec 1901 on the fifth anniversary of the death of Alfred Nobel, the Swedish inventor of dynamite and other high explosives. Following were the recipient of the award -

Physics: Wilhelm Röntgen
Chemistry: Jacobus Henricus van 't Hoff
Medicine: Emil Adolf von Behring
Litterature: Sully Prudhomme
Peace: Henry Dunant and Frédéric Passy

answer May 10, 2017 by Salil Agrawal
0 votes

C rajgopal charaya
S radha krishna
Cv raman

answer May 10, 2017 by Tushal Sahota
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